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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  May 10, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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not seen him in church. it was unusual. >> reporter: in the home detectives discovered his body, and the circumstances surrounding his death appeared to be suspicious. for now sheriff's investigators are only saying the victim died from several injuries but will not go into detail over the exact cause of death. he was diabetic and had a history of heart problems. and what might be considered one of the safer areas of edgewood -- >> i've been here for 10 years. we've never ever had one problem. >> reporter: shante webb says residents are still searching for answers. >> he said he saw him leaving the day before or coming in, sorry. he had someone in the car with him. he waved like he always did. >> reporter: residents say workers had frequented the home in recent weeks. renovating his leaky basement. at this point investigators are asking people to testimony forward to provide them -- step forward to provide them with any information that could help lead them to a suspect. >> somewhere, somebody knows
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something, whether they realize it or they don't. >> reporter: in harford county, jeff hager, abc2 news >> if you have any information you're asked to call the harford county joint investigative unit, 443-307-647 3. >> detectives say hundreds of murder cases in maryland are unsolved. to find a list of those in your area go to click on the crime checker. you will find an interactive map showing the unsolved murder rate in your county. police believe they may finally solve the rape of an elderly woman in annapolis from seven years ago. in 2003, 82-year-old carol schwartz was raped in her annapolis home. police had little to go on for a conviction. she died three years later and the case went cold, but investigators at the anne arundel state's attorney's office received a grant for their cold case division and ran the dna.
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it came back with four other hits and police are on a manhunt for jose minavar. >> we knew she was deceased in 2007 but just on a whim we decided to go ahead and put it in. in case it may have matched to something else. we hit the jackpot with that. >> investigators say minavar may be responsible for two rapes in annapolis, three in florida. if you have information give them a call at 410-222-1740. in north baltimore police say this man killed his girlfriend. andrew jackson is charged with first degree murder for the crime. police say he confessed to strangling the woman. police were called to her home in the alameda thursday night after not showing up for work. that's where officers found her body. an autopsy shows she was choked to death. according to "the baltimore sun" she was five months pregnant. now to a developing story tonight. police are working to figure out how a body ended up in the
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water in fells point. the body was spotted this morning near the 900 block of bond street. authorities are still unsure of the person's age, gender, race or exactly how the person died. police still trying to identify the body of a woman found in a burning home yesterday. it happened just before 7:00 last night on east lafayette avenue in east baltimore. after putting out the flames firefighters discovered the body. crews say they did not hear a working smoke alarm. it was a violent weekend in baltimore city. three people are dead, police are asking for your help tonight. two men were killed last night when they were sitting in a car in the 900 block of north hill road. neighbors reported hearing shots but police have yet to track down the suspects. city police also investigating a deadly shooting on north collington avenue. a 42-year-old man was found shot in the neck, died at the scene. anyone with information on either of these incidents is urged to call police.
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maryland has reduced violent crime together to our lowest level sips since 1975. >> the more positive news on the crime front. a big announcement from governor martin o'malley. according to 2009 year end crime data compiled by maryland state police, submitted to the fbi, 20 of the state's 24 jurisdictions also saw a drop in crime overall. the governor credits several factors including partnerships between agencies and also the use of dna technology. harford county workers will be back on the job tomorrow after staying home for their fifth and final furlough day. as part of the budget plan for this fiscal year county workers received five furlough days, government offices, recreation centers and senior centers as well as transit services were all closed today. and, if you have a late commute tonight on i-95 in harford county you may want to prepare for a little bit of a
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detour. the ramps from both northbound and southbound i-95 to level road at exit 89 will be shut down for a really wide load that is also really slow. crews are moving a huge generator and are going only about 10 miles per hour. the ramp closings begin in less than an hour but everything will be reopened by tomorrow morning. another landmark decision by president obama. he's nominated solicitor general elena kagan to replace retiring supreme court justice john paul stevens. tonight maryland u.s. senator ben cardin is offering his statement. he says as solicitor general a position often called the 10th justice kagan would bring a unique firsthand perspective to the court along with a lifetime broad legal experience. kagan is the nation's first female solicitor general and the first woman to lead harvard's law school.
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in democracy 2010, governor o'malley on top in the race to keep his job. according to the latest poll. new numbers show he holds a 49-41% lead among registered voters in a rematch with former governor bob ehrlich. o'malley is in the lead when it comes to registered voters. the race is really neck and neck among all who say they plan to cast a ballot in november. ehrlich lost to o'malley 53% to 46% back in 2006. now the latest on your bge bill. the utility wants to increase the rates it charges for delivery of electricity and gas. bge says the 1% to 4% increases are necessary to cover costs including tree trimming, wires, poles and meters. and bge says because the cost of power itself is falling most customers really won't see much of an increase in their bill. and, it is going to cost
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you more to fill up in baltimore. gas prices are moving higher. price at the pump in the baltimore area now average around $2.84 a gallon. the national average is higher, about $2.93 a gallon. on the weather front today, it was chilly, it was breezy but at least we had sunshine all day long. can't say that is going to be the case tomorrow. thanks to an approaching storm system. here's an early look. you can see there's showers and storms already down towards atlanta, georgia, extending all the way back into the upper midwest into illinois. so, scattered showers are going to be in the offing the next couple of days. in the meantime enjoy the evening. we're at 63 at bwi marshall. 65 washington. wind gusts up around 20 miles per hour. this evening quickly falling into the 50s, clear, cool, breezy. then big changes coming tomorrow and wednesday. wild swings in the temperature this week as well. we'll have it in a few minutes. new at 6:00 -- just two
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days before the environmental protection agency is due to outline a strategy for restoring the chesapeake bay environmental groups are giving the agency a push. dozens of national and regional groups have sent a letter to the epa ununder the name of the choose clean water coalition. here's one part of the letter. genuine progress is made in restoring the rivers and streams that flow into the chesapeake bay as well as the bay itself. the letter also outlines a plan to try to get the bay at its best. a new park in baltimore city will give you a new place to relax while enjoying those waterfront views. plans unveiled today for the park overlooking the patapsco river. it's expected to be complete by next spring. there will be a preer and overlook areas and a trail. >> this is actually a place that the citizens of baltimore came to
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enjoy the waterfront. there was a beach here. some historical pictures of the area are quite interesting. so, for anyone looking forward, about halfway down the project where we're cleaning this waterfront. >> the trails will eventually connect to the gwynns falls biking trail. a piece of american history is up for bids. a 40-foot sculpture of three new york city firefighters raising the u.s. flag at ground zero is being offered on e-bay. but there's a catch. if you're the highest bidder you'll have to donate it to the national fallen firefighters foundation in emmitsburg. bidding kicks off wednesday starting at $500,000. a new scam that is using a good name for a bad reason. >> hello? >> congratulations, miss smith. your name was recently drawn as a winner in the pan pacific lottery. >> more on this ripoff and how
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tonight, barbara walters prepares to go under the knife. she announced today on "the view" she's having heart surgery. she says she'll have a heart valve replaced later this week and will take part of the summer off to recuperate. she says now is the time to take care of the problem which she's apparently known about
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for quite some time. it is the agency that takes down scam artists. but even the federal trade commission is not immune from the tricks of a scammer. abc2 news joce sterman has a warning about how some bad operators are using the ftc to get your money. >> hello? >> congratulations, miss smith. your name was recently drawn as a winner. >> reporter: the latest scam making the rounds uses the agency's good name for a bad reason. [phone rings] >> reporter: scammers have been calling people claiming they work for the ftc and that you've won big money in a lottery or sweepstakes. just pay the taxes and insurance but before you start counting your money the agency wants you to know this is a ploy to get your money. according to the federal trade commission these guys may even use the names of real employees when they call and found a way to get the federal trade commission name to mop up on caller id but it's a part of
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the act. so even if the caller suggests the ftc is supervising the sweepstakes don't believe them. ftc employees will never call to ask you to send money. legitimate lottery companies won't either so if you have to pay to collect your winnings the ftc says it's a scam. [phone rings] >> reporter: if you get a call that seems too good to be true just hang up. before this lottery caller gets a windfall from you. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> if you get a call like this you should report it to the ftc immediately. we've got links and contact information on our scam alert page. just head to our web site at click on the "scam alert" link. you'll find it on the very top of our home page or type in abc2 --
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you're working hard there today, pal. >> windy, chilly, way below average. you felt it today. >> it was very chilly. i was dressed accordingly. >> cooler tomorrow. we're going to add the clouds, bring in showers. that will cool things down a little bit. we will bounce back though temperaturewise. dare we say that right now preakness weekend looks outstanding. mid-70s, sunshine. we'll hold on to the forecast. a couple of days to go. we're going to pay for it tomorrow, how's that? we've got, hey, beautiful shot here. looks like a little cruise coming in. is that the one you were on? >> i don't take cruises. >> nice-looking boat, nice-looking day on the harbor if you were a sailor you were enjoying it today because the winds were absolutely perfect to get out there and maybe do a little kite boarding on the chesapeake. nice-looking day overall.
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winds gusty today. humidity has been low and temperatures cool. cooler than average by about 10 degrees or so. winds from the northwest at 12, barometer 30.28 and falling. i want to show you a couple of things, first off, recapping the day's numbers -- 64 was the high at bwi marshall today. and that's about, again, close to 10 degrees below average. tomorrow will be another eight degrees or so cooler than this number. only in the mid to upper 50s. this morning the old record was 33 degrees. from 1983, we were at 35 this morning at bwi marshall. so an unseasonably cold start. almost a recordbreaker this morning. 64 was the forecast today. and that's just about exactly what we hit out there so we have a weather winner for you. kelly ecker from pikesville. congratulations. you'll be getting an abc2 news umbrella. that's eight days in a row we hit that 2-degree guarantee for you.
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low 60s now. falling quickly into the 50s tonight. you'll feel the change as we go into the evening. 61 dover now. we'll be dropping off sharply overnight tonight and the gusty northwest winds make it feel cooler than that. even though we're not seeing gusts in western maryland the steady wind is still 10 to 15 miles per hour, still a brie tonight. satellite and radar view across maryland, all clear, that has been the case all day, nothing but blue sky, there are a few clouds beginning to creep their way into west virginia, down into western virginia. that will continue to be the case overnight. those clouds eventually moving in the baltimore area tonight. then this, showers and some thunderstorms likely, scattered on and off tomorrow. not so much thunderstorms, i think just cool rain showers tomorrow but into the day on wednesday we could see a couple of thunderstorms and warmer air pushing its way into the state. right now cool air and dry conditions for the evening. wrapping around a big area of canadian high pressure that settled into the carolinas. keeping things down into the
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60s, mid-60s today, as far down as charlotte. cool stuff but there's the storm we're watching. just to mention storms flaring to the west now, part of the same storm system. tornado alley, head to, we have live streams on-line. in the meantime we're dealing with this, cool air that settled in across the east coast and clear night will eventually cloud up by tomorrow at daybreak. and look at this, showers likely by your afternoon commute. overnight tomorrow night still showers and then today, wednesday, a warmer rain but nonetheless we will see rain showers still on wednesday. probably not as numerous as tomorrow. tomorrow looks like a kind of a drear -- dreary day. tomorrow mostly cloudy, maybe a few breaks of sun but not much. cloudy, chilly, scattered showers, 58, way below average tomorrow. and 52, scattered showers tomorrow night. still cool but that changes. as we move into wednesday. still showers but a warmer rain if you will at 77.
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cooler and drier for thursday, 67. as we move toward the week, preakness saturday 75 and mostly sunny skies. let's hope that holds up and into sunday another nice day at 73. the virginia men's lacrosse team awarded top seed for this year's ncaa tournament. they are going to host mount st. mary's saturday night and the women's team hosts towson this saturday. it will be the first game for both teams since a lacrosse player was charged in the murder of women's lacrosse player yeardley love. they are both from maryland. a few baltimore ravens are trading in football helmets for aprons. they are working at morton's steakhouse. they are raising money for children in the baltimore area. other players include joe flacco, ray rice and michael oher. speaking of michael oher, he's been drafted to help on abc's
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extreme home makeover team. the ravens tackle and adoptive family will star in the season finale. they teamed up with ty and crew to help a much deserving family in georgia rebuild their home. catch "extreme makeover home edition" this sunday at 8:00 on abc2. a live look from our camera at the inner harbor. very windy out there today and cool. but what is in store for the rest of the week? wyett everhart will have a last look at the final forecast.
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stocks surged after european leaders agreed to a nearly trillion-dollar rescue plan to avoid a major debt crisis. the dow rose more than 400 points today. nasdaq up 109 and s&p 500 rose more than 48. we're not quite out of the woods yet. when it comes to the economy. if you're looking for ways to save, abc2 news got you covered. check our "financial survival guide." on there you will find five ways to save. our financial expert gives us the skinny on cutting back on
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household expenses. plus our debt advisors working to help you get in the black when you use a debt settlement firm. we'll talk about that, too. and finally, nine budget leaks and how to plug them. these and much more on new at 11:00 -- we're following what seems to be another domestic tragedy, the latest on another case of a woman killed allegedly at the hands of her boyfriend. and we hear about cyberbullying but turns out it's not just limited to teens. from bulletin boards and chat rooms to sites like facebook and twitter. grown women also engaging in cyber war of words. interesting story. >> wild stuff. this evening nice but look what is coming our way. we got a pretty large storm system pushing from the midwest. it will bring rain tomorrow, also hold temperatures down, even cooler so 58 tomorrow but we bounce back through the rest of the week. >> bundle up in the morning.
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